Southtowns Rural Preservation Company, Inc.

Southtowns Rural Preservation Corporation is a State-funded rural preservation company in Erie County. The purpose of SRPC is to stimulate reinvestment in the rural southtowns through residential and community renewal activities.

Service Profile:

Southtowns Rural Preservation Company, Inc. is a local, non-profit community development corporation serving the rural towns and villages of Southern Erie County. The SRPC has established a core of basic services available to eligible residents within the service area. These services include loan and grant application assistance, housing rehabilitation, and housing counseling and referral services. The long-term goals of the corporation are to effect a stabilizing influence in the communities served through the rehabilitation of individual housing units and the coordination and/or delivery of supporting services.

Service Area:

Towns: Boston, Brant, Colden, Collins, Concord, Eden, Evans, Holland, North Collins, Sardinia

Villages: Angola, Farnham, Gowanda, North Collins, Springville


Southtowns Affordable Home Repair Program: provides grants to income qualified homeowners for needed home repairs to improve the overall livability and safety of homes.

Southtowns RESTORE (Residential Emergency Services to Offer Home Repairs to the Elderly): provides home repair grants up to $10,000.00 to eliminate conditions in homes that pose a threat to life, health, or safety of low-income elderly homeowners.

Boston School Apartments: income qualified, 12-unit apartment complex. One, two, and three-bedroom apartments for income qualified individuals and families. Located in the Town of Boston.